Inspiring Changemakers to Own Their Birth Stories


Oh, hello!

I’m Jillian - a professional pregnancy coach, doula, and educator. I’m also a new mama who was just in your shoes, and I approach this work with deep empathy, fierce compassion, and lots and lots of love. I’m so glad we found each other!  The work we’ll do together will hold and support you in achieving the birth you desire AND it’s necessary for advancing reproductive justice, birth equity, and social change... How cool is that?!

Now that we’re acquainted, I want to share three powerful secrets with you.

Your birth story will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Whether or not your birth goes according to plan has almost nothing to do with how empowering it can be.

A birth team that values you — that allows you to feel heard, supported, and respected no matter what decisions you make — that’s what makes the difference.

I get it - it’s easy to become overwhelmed with information overload, what-ifs, and your co-worker’s sister’s neighbor’s opinion on epidurals.

(Nobody asked you, Carol.)

But what if pregnancy and birth could be embraced as the personal growth experiences they’re meant to be? What if you could ditch the guilt, understand the evidence, fully partner with your care provider, and trust your intuition as a new parent?

How could your birth story empower you to move forward in life boldly, changing the world with that mighty babe in tow?

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