My Top 5 Lessons from the First Year of Motherhood

Mom reads "Little Feminist" book to 6 month old baby

New Year’s Eve 2018 Exactly one year ago today, we brought a brand new baby home from the hospital. Jack and I joked that as new parents we’d be in bed by 8pm on New Year’s Eve… Little did we know that Lottie had other plans.  It was one of the most challenging nights of motherhood I’ve had so far. We found out the next day that Lottie wasn’t getting any milk, she was losing too much weight, and her jaundice was getting worse. We didn’t sleep at all, and I’m pretty sure all three of us cried at least once that night.  With some much-needed and just-in-time help from a lactation consultant, a new feeding plan, and a few hours of sleep, we worked it out. I’ll tell the full story another day, I’m sure, but since self-reflection is one of my favorite activities, and it’s January 31st, I … Read more