How to Own Your Feminist Birth Story

I wrestled with whether to share my birth story publicly for a long time. Everything I’ve learned in training as a coach, a doula, and a business owner has stressed that making things “about me” is just about the worst thing I can do.    On top of that, I typically avoid using the word “should.” The core concept of empowerment involves supporting you to make your own decisions, and 99% of the time, I agree.     But sometimes, we need to be nudged outside of our comfort zones for a greater good, so I’m challenging you with one of my core beliefs: you should own your birth story.   “Owning” your birth story doesn’t necessarily mean sharing it, especially if that’s something that would re-traumatize you. But there is great value in sharing. I ultimately chose to start this blog by sharing my story because I realized that it … Read more