Birth Support & Education Services

If you're here, chances are you already spend 99% of your day advocating for others. You know how to use your voice to speak up and make moves, but this is a whole new world for you. You trust medical providers but also know that our healthcare system is far from optimal - certainly not empowering - and the amount of information out there is so overwhelming that it might even seem easier to let go of all control and and buckle up for the ride. But here's the thing...

You deserve an empowering birth story. One you can return to when the days are long or you're facing what seems to be an insurmountable challenge. One that will help you realize your personal power and give you strength to overcome anything. 

Bold & Mighty Birth provides wrap-around support services beginning in pregnancy and continuing through new parenthood. We approach our work with a healthy dose of both head and heart, appreciating what science and modern medicine can teach us while honoring your deep understanding of your own body. Education and information we provide  is evidence based, which allows you to understand best practices and ideals. We then help you take that information and apply it in a way that make sense for your life and in a way that aligns with your values, preferences, wishes, and circumstances.

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Birth Doula Services

“Physical, Emotional, and Informational Support...” At least that's the textbook definition of what a doula does. In practice, it looks like an answer to your 2am text when something doesn’t feel right and your mind is racing. It's creative comfort measures when your back starts to ache and it feels like you've tried everything. Or a flexible, customized birth plan that empowers you to partner with your doctor or midwife in decision-making. What it feels like is peace of mind and confidence that you can do this.

Birth Education Services

A solid understanding of what's happening in your body is the best way to interrupt the fear-tension-pain cycle that can happen during labor. Learn the anatomy and stages of physiologic birth, possible medical interventions, and other evidence-based information on what to expect so that you don’t have to go down the online black hole of comparison, anxiety, and what ifs…. Swap that out for confidence in your body and all the medical jargon you need to ask your care provider the right questions for crafting your birth plan.

You did it! You educated yourself about what to expect during labor, you rocked your birth, and now your babe is finally here. You’ve never been so in love, and it’s time to take that bundle of joy home. But uh... Now what? A postpartum doula is an expert in postpartum recovery and newborn care. During a shift we can provide hands-on parenting education, process this huge transition with any member of the family, or provide experienced newborn care while you get much-needed rest. What each family will need is unique, but as postpartum doulas we instill a feeling of stability where your entire family can thrive.

Infant Feeding Support

Let's take a deep breath (doesn't that feel good?) Feeding your baby is one of the most precious and important bonding experiences between parent and newborn. There’s something uniquely special about holding your little one close and providing the sustenance that calms their cries or lulls them to sleep. But wow, is there a lot of pressure to do this in the exact right way (spoiler alert: there's no such thing as a "right" way. Only what's right for you and your baby). Our promise to you is that we will support your feeding choices--whether your goal is exclusive breast/chestfeeding, pumping and bottles, formula, or some combination of the above--and provide basic education, hands-on support, and referrals to make sure your family is fed in a way where everyone (that includes you!) can feel happy, healthy, and loved. 


Coaching sessions help you to bust through information overload and make decisions with confidence and ease. To develop and trust your intuition as a parent.

But more than anything, they give you time and space to slow down, reflect, and grow as a person. 

Your story is so much more than a sequence of events. It's how you perceive what happened and make meaning of your experiences. How you understand your evolving identities and the ways they interact with one another. Or how you navigate the tension in your career and home life, build a positive relationship with your body, or develop a practice for self-care. Coaching helps you to write a story that is honest and complicated and beautiful and yours.

Social Change

Bold & Mighty Birth is committed to shaping birth culture through story and improving maternal outcomes for all. Together, we work toward a world where pregnant and birthing people are heard and respected. Where evidence-based care and  consent are the norm. And affordable mental health services, medical care, and childcare are freely accessible. We speak up against racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forces that are at the root of maternal disparities. And we work to expand freedom of choice for all.

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My Birth Story Package $1997

This package is for you if you're ready to lean into pregnancy and birth as an experience for growth and transformation. It includes everything you and your birth partner need to feel supported, educated, and confident from pregnancy through postpartum, all delivered in a thoughtful curriculum that includes what you need to know, without the overwhelm.

What’s included:

  • 1 Custom Birth Education Class - in person, private, and tailored just for you.
  • 2 Prenatal Doula Meetings - in person to make sure you understand your options and feel confident creating an informed birth plan that’s flexible enough to hold up through twists and turns.
  • 3 Virtual Pregnancy Coaching Sessions to give you time to pause, reflect, and plan for action.
  • 24/7 On-Call Support from 37 Weeks.
  • Unlimited text, calls, and emails from time of hire until 1 month postpartum
  • Continuous Labor Support beginning whenever and wherever you need. We'll stick around for up to 2 hours after birth to make sure you're settled and breast/chestfeeding is initiated if that's your wish.
  • First Moment Photos of your new family immediately after birth.
  • 1 Postpartum Shift of 4 hours to help your family find stability during your first week home.
  • 1 Birth Story Debrief to integrate the hard parts of your experience with the beautiful parts.

Before I met with Jillian, I was afraid to write a birth plan. I thought that naming any expectation would just set me up for disappointment, but she helped me realize that I had the right to claim my desires for my birth and that I was strong enough to handle anything unexpected. Through coaching, we found a balance that felt right to me, where I could express my biggest priorities but still leave room to be flexible and open to the experience.
-Rachel T.

Virtual Pregnancy Coaching Package $1297

This package is perfect for you if you want space to reflect and grow throughout pregnancy and birth, but you don't need everything that comes with the Birth Story package. Sessions are held virtually, so coaching isn't limited by location.

What’s included:

  • Get Started with a session dedicated to understanding your reaction to fear and stress during pregnancy. We'll use various tools, including a research-based assessment, to understand how you're showing up in your relationships, work, and life in general. Once you understand this framework, you'll be able to quickly recognize your internal response to stressful events and choose who you want to be in each moment (and if some days you want to be a person who watches Netflix and eats ice cream because everything is hard and your shoes don't fit - no judgment here!)
  • 3 Months of Virtual Coaching Sessions around topics like unpacking fear prior to birth, understanding new parts of your identity and how they integrate together, body image, career/family balance, self-care, wellness, relationships, or any other topic relevant to pregnant and birthing people. Typically, a total of 9 sessions are scheduled in the 3-month period.
  • Unlimited text and email support in between sessions

Private Birth Education Course- $497

In today's world, finding time for a 12-hour generic birth education class is tough. It's either split over multiple days or you're stuck in a windowless classroom all. day. long. But you don't want to walk into birth without knowing what to expect. A private birth education class, tailored specifically to you, could be just what you need. It's on your schedule, in the comfort of your own home, and there are no awkward ice breakers or labor role plays in front of other couples. Reclaim your time and walk away confident in what to expect.

Birth Story Debrief - $197

Sometimes there’s just a lot to unpack. If you find yourself replaying labor and birth in your mind over and over again with conflicting feelings, maybe all you need is an impartial person to listen. To acknowledge and validate your experience without jumping in the box with you or trying to fix it. This 2 hour session that comes with reflection pre and post-work is designed just for you.

Postpartum Doula - $30/hour Minimum 4 hours

Bringing baby home can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. Postpartum doula shifts allow new parents to get their footing and instill a sense of stability through hands-on education, infant feeding support, newborn care, and coaching for emotional adjustment.


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